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Compound Semiconductor has been the leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the worldwide Compound Semiconductor industry since 1995. With the largest global circulation and history of excellence, Compound Semiconductor remains the most effective and authoritative title for the industry and a must read platform for the compound semiconductor community worldwide. www.compoundsemiconductor.net

EE-Evaluation Engineering has delivered in-depth technical information to the engineering test market for more than 50 years, serving engineers, engineering mangers, and corporate managers responsible for test and quality of electronic products and systems. EE is a multimedia resource delivering monthly print magazines and digital editions, daily e-newsletters, e-product showcases, special reports, and a comprehensive website for buyers and specifiers of test equipment for semiconductors, medical, communication, RF, microwave, and wireless applications. Subscriptions are free to engineering professionals. Visit www.evaluationengineering.com 
Industrial Photonics magazine is a global resource on lasers, sensors, machine vision and automation systems for materials processing, process control, and production.  Industrial Photonics is written for manufacturing, production, design and applications engineers, researchers and others involved in the integration of photonics technologies across a range of operations. Stay current with our continual coverage and expand your knowledge through our extensive archives.  Subscribe today for this free quarterly publication. www.photonics.com 
Silicon Semiconductor follows the semiconductor manufacturing trends, industry opportunities and announcements to provide the decision making information our reader's need to do a difficult job in a challenging industry. SiS also provides exclusive content on the manufacturing issues affecting the industry wherever in the world it may be. With so many industry challenges on the horizon it is more important than ever to gain a worldwide perspective. Silicon Semiconductor is the catalyst for the global semiconductor community. www.siliconsemiconductor.net
SVC is a non-profit organization promoting technical excellence by providing a global forum to inform, educate, and engage the members, the technical community, and the public on all aspects of vacuum coating, surface engineering and related technologies. In addition to hosting an Annual Technical Conference and Exhibit (SVC TechCon), SVC provides year-round offerings of On-Location Tutorial Courses, instructional webinars, printed and digital publications, and on-line resources for those involved in vacuum coating and related technologies. www.svc.org
Solid State Technology is the longest-running and most complete source of information for engineers, operators, managers, tool and materials suppliers and semiconductor researchers. Solid State Technology covers semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, wafer fabrication, integrated circuits, thin-film microelectronics, flat-panel displays, and microstructure technologies, processes and equipment and more. www.electroiq.com/index/Semiconductors.html
オートメーション新聞 オートメーション新聞は、業界の枠を超えて、製造現場の効率化に役立つ情報をお届けしている唯一の専門メディアです。製造業に携わるエンジニア・経営者を中心とした6万人以上の読者に対し、新聞、メール、WEBで情報を定期配信しています。
電波新聞 日刊電波新聞は、電子部品・素材の開発から電子機器、製造装置、計測、通信・放送、IT、生活家電まで国内外のエレクトロニクスをカバーする総合専門紙。また、雑誌「電子工作マガジン」やエレクトロニクス関連書籍も発行している。
Gichoビジネスコミュニケーションズ ものづくり応援マガジン「メカトロニクス」、国内唯一の実装技術専門誌「エレクトロニクス実装技術」を無料配布致します。SEMICON Japan関連製品も掲載されておりますので、この機会に是非当社ブースにお立ち寄りください。
インコム インコムが発行する『プロダクトナビ』は、技術者をターゲットとした月刊の製品情報誌。会場で無料配布する最新の12月号では、「SEMICON Japan 2017」を特集し、出展企業・関連企業の製品を紹介します。
日本工業出版 弊社ブースにてクリーンテクノロジー12月最新号と関連雑誌のバックナンバーを無料配布致します。関連書籍の割引販売も行いますのでお気軽にお立ち寄り下さい。尚、クリーンテクノロジー12月号広告掲載早期お申込み割引キャンペーンも行います詳しくはTEL03-3944- 1181担当清水迄お問い合わせ下さい。
新樹社 トライボロジー(摩擦・摩耗・潤滑)の技術情報誌「月刊トライボロジー」。11月号『半導体製造プロセス』特集では、半導体製造プロセスの前工程で活用されるトライボロジー技術に着目し、CMP(化学機械研磨)技術、研削・切断加工技術、表面評価技術、加工装置の機械技術など、幅広く紹介します。
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