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Presentations at the SuperTHEATER provide new perspectives on the current and future issues shaping the global microelectronics supply chain. Executive programs will cover a wide range of topics including mobile technologies and new and emerging markets driven by the explosion of interest in the Internet of Things. more than 30 speakers include:


The SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) is an international tech symposium covering the latest developments in semiconductor manufacturing. The first was held in 1982, so this year is the 35th STS.Trends in cutting-edge technologies, technological issues, and practical technologies centered on semiconductor process and device technology are described in simple terms by front-line engineers. This program stimulates global business growth by involving a variety of different players and visitors.


Mirai Gakko that consited in six programs is developed to support young people as they head into the future, and to foster the human resources who will lead the next generation. SEMICON Japan hopes that, by providing opportunities for students, startups and young people from a wide variety of industrial sectors to come together and engage in open-minded discussion with people from different sectors. Mirai Gakko will become a centre for the nurture of future business and growth.

 Networking Events

SEMICON Japan is the place where leading companies across the global electronics manufacturing supply chain come together to explore the ideas, challenges, and solutions. The SEMICON Japan Presidents Reception, teh INNOVATE Recedption, the SEMI Standards Friendship Party, and the SEMICON Japan Happy Hour on the show floor will provide exceptional networking opportunities to deepen and extend your business and partnership.


Three presentation stages, TechSTAGE INNOVATION & IOT, NORTH and SOUTH, right on the show floor feature presentations from invited speakers representing leading industry companies, market researchers, and consortia. The programs include eleven SEMI Technology Symposium sessions, Flexible Hybrid Electronics Forum and more.


Explore in-depth information of products and technologies beyond the booth at exhibitor presentations available in the Exhibitor Seminar Rooms and on TechSPOT stages on the show floor. Participation in all the seminars is free.

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