Visitor Services

Visitor Services

Let's enjoy more exhibitions !

01 Enjoy

All About DRONES  (East Hall 2)

At ‘All about Drones’, You can approach to the Drones from many directions, 'Seeing', 'Learning' and 'Experiencing" and explore the Drone World.


■ SEE:A tear-down Drones and Related Exhibit 

A tear-down Drones Exhibit
Exhibit Related to Drones Business and Products

■ ENJOY: Virtual Reality Drones View (limited 90/1 day)

*The numberd tickets will be distributed at the booth.

12:00-13:00    1st Virtual Reality Drones View (36)
14:00-15:00    2nd Virtual Reality Drones View (36)
16:00-16:30    3rd Virtual Reality Drones View (18)

■ EXPERIENCE:Fly a Drone by Yourself! (limited 45/1 day)

*The numberd tickets will be distributed at the booth.

11:00-11:20    1st Demonstration Flight
11:30-12:00    1st Fly a Drone by Yourself (15)
13:00-13:20    2nd Demonstration Flight
13:30-14:00    2nd Fly a Drone by Yourself (15)
15:00-15:20    3rd Demonstration Flight
(12/15 15:30-15:50)   
15:30-16:00    3rd Fly a Drone by Yourself (15)
(12/15 16:00-16:30)  

More details : http://www.semiconjapan.org/en/all-about-drones



SEMICON Japan Happy Hour

The Happy hour event, held at booths of participating exhibitor’s,will create casual networking opportunities with your suppliers,customers, and colleagues

The participating exhibitors : http://www.semiconjapan.org/en/happyhour


 photo:Happy hour




All visitors can get sponsor logo strap in SEMICON Japan.
It is distributed at a hall entrance.


02 Learn / Networkig

Supporting young employees and students as they head into the future, and fostering a new generation of human resources.
It's most suitable as a chance of networking with an engineer in the same generation and a senior engineer beyond a fence of the company as well as learning the latest technology and the trend.



About the establishment of "MIRAI GAKKO"

The growth and development of the electronics industry, centering on semiconductors, has to date been driven by innovation. To continue to grow in the future, it is vital for the industry to foster and secure the human resources who will drive further innovation.

Mirai Gakko’s mission is to support young people as they head into the future, and to foster the human resources who will lead the next generation. SEMICON Japan hopes that, By providing opportunities for students, startups and young people from a wide variety of industrial sectors to come together and engage in open-minded discussion with people from different sectors, which they would not have within the organisation that is a business enterprise, and to meet face-to-face with key people whom they cannot meet elsewhere, Mirai Gakko will become a centre for the nurture of future business and growth.

Detail : http://www.semiconjapan.org/en/mirai-gakko



Industry guidance for graduate and undergraduate students (Booth tour, Industry lecture etc)


Sponsored by

堀場制作所 村田機械 THK


03 Eat / Drink

lunch box with local foods

50 meals of daily limitation.
Let's hurry to a lounge !!

Lounge: East Hall 1, 3, 5





Cafe Corner (East Hal 3 WORLD OF IOT)

A coffee ticket is presented to all attendance of Super THEATER

Sponsored by ASE GROUP

04 Break

My feet hurt but there are a lot of booths to want to visit.
The followings are recommended in such a case.




SEMICON Laounge イメージ

SEMICON Lounge (East Hall 3)

Sponsored by LamResearch

Public Lounge イメージ

Public Lounge (East Hall 4)

Sponsored by




When you need WiFi, please drop in.

・SEMICON Lounge (East Hall 3)
・Public Lounge (East Hall 4)


Wifi area


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