Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion

Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion

Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion

Innovation Starts Here…


Starts at  ¥160,000     


Advances in microelectronics that support the IoT revolution start with continual innovations in semiconductor manufacturing devices, components, and materials. Process, manufacturing, production, components, and material technologies that improve performance, increase speed, and reduce the cost of semiconductor devices, are assembled, with international microelectronics industries linked to exhibitors at the Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion. This represents the optimal site for showcasing related products and technologies, such as flexible electronics. 


Exhibition Target Area and Products

Technologies related to manufacturing in the microelectronics area are widely solicited.

  • Advanced lithography: EUV, nanoimprint, DSA, multi-patterning

  • Advanced mounting technology, 2.5d, 3D IC: TSV, plating

  • Production management systems & solutions: Defect control and inspections, yield management, automation

  • Precision work technology, special materials: Non-magnetic, lightweight, heat-resistant, corrosion-proof, particle countermeasures

  • Flexible electronics, OLED, LED, and related technologies: Manufacturing technologies, devices, materials


Advantages of Exhibiting at the Pavilion

The perfect opportunity to engage with target customers

By focusing on individual themes, this exhibition increases participants’ ability to pull in more customers. Over 60% of respondents to the questionnaire said that they visited the pavilion.

Offers a wide range of exhibition options to suit your budget

Small-scale exhibitions that are not typically available are possible. 2×2- and 2×1-meter mini-booths are only available in the pavilion.


Free advertising options are offered for pavilion exhibitors only


Permission to post your logo on the special pavilion page, broadcasting credits for exhibitors who provide sponsorship in the video theater at the venue


Provision of seminars/events attuned to the pavilion theme


Seminars themed to tie in with the pavilion are also held to attract customers to the exhibition venue.


Exhibit Options

Price per 4㎡ booth

Regular Rate
2015 Exhibition Rate*
Package Booth Decoration**
SEMI Member


Price per 9㎡ booth

Regular Rate
2015 Exhibition Rate*
Package Booth Decoration**
SEMI Member

-   The booths only offer space, and basic decoration is charged for.


*   Special rates for continuous exhibits apply for exhibitors at SEMICON Japan 2018.

**  Please see the SEMICON Japan homepage or contact customer services as follows for details about basic decor and making applications.



SEMI Japan Customer Services

TEL : +81. 3.3222.5988

Mail : jcustomer@semi.org

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